Networking, building and keeping relationships is a key part of any successful business


I take away the tedious task of the dreaded follow up and the added administrative work off your shoulders

White Glove

I work as your strategic partner during networking events and collect double the amount of business cards in half the time

Additional Services

Have an event or want to personalize your follow up? Specialty events, personal branded newsletters, and handwritten letters are perfect for you

My Story

How I became a corporate refugee

Virtual Assistant

Here to assist, personally

What I can do for you

I take the added administrative mind-numbing work off your shoulders, work the room as your strategic partner, collect decisions and compile double the business cards in half the amount of time


This weekly newsletter will provide a great resource for upcoming networking opportunities to grow your network, with tips, tricks and overall strategies to make the most of your time while growing your business.

Premium Membership

Custom Tailored Email Messages

Custom emails will be created based on your company’s mission. There are options for corresponding as an employee (requires your company email) or using Ashley Assists email and customizing the signature with your company logo.

Follow Up Calls & Emails

After you received your business cards from a networking event or those that have piled on your desk, these contacts will be scheduled for a face to face meeting or conference call.

Direct Calendar Scheduling

Shared calendar – Outlook, Gmail

Status Updates

A status report on the activity will be provided weekly containing when a meeting is scheduled, a voicemail left etc.

Networking Newsletter -Subscriber

Added as a subscriber to the“Networking Newsletter”that is distributed weekly to over 300 plus members with upcoming networking opportunities, trends, tips and educational content.

White Glove

On Site Strategic Partner

  • Going to a networking event? I will join you as a strategic partner representing you and your company.
  • Gathering 2x the amount of applicable business cards in 1/2 the time.
  • Up to four (4) events a month

Greater Philadelphia Area – *additional travel expenses may incur outside the greater Philadelphia Area.*

Personalized Letters

Signed, Sealed and Mailed.
Sending a thank you note to your prospects and clients doesn’t go unnoticed. Something as personal as a handwritten letter will add that extra something special when keeping those important relationships.

Connecting Via Linkedin

Connecting with warm prospects after a meeting or conference call is scheduled.

Networking Newsletter – Spotlight Member

Added as a Spotlight Member to my Networking Newsletter that is distributed weekly to over 300 + subscribers.

Additional Services

Branded Newsletters

  • Customized use of Mail Chimp
  • Import all applicable clients, prospects, strategic partners, etc.
  • Unlimited consultation of your vision and message
  • Importing of contacts as subscribers

Specialty Events

Trade show or Conference?
  • Either attending or being a vendor for, I will join and manage the table while you walk around and network and vice versa.
Speaking Engagement/ Book Signing etc.?
  • I will gladly network on your behalf and gather business cards, applicable marketing material etc. to use for your internal distribution list.

Hear What Others Have To Say

“Ashley is a diligent worker, you can tell that when you first meet with her, I knew this was going to be a good business relationship right away. We had a quick need for some help at a small conference and Ashley pulled it together like a true professional. In less than 24 hours she had a plan and was onsite networking on our behalf ( did I mention she traveled 3 hours each way as well). We look forward to working with Ashley and her team at Ashley Assists in the future, we have seen nothing but clear positive benefits.”

Marty McDonald
CoFounder/CEO of Bad Rhino

“I’ve spent several years speaking, writing and working to develop technology to help people to learn and adopt best practices in business networking. There is SO much potential in the activity, but there are few networkers who really understand HOW to do it correctly – and they waste a lot of time and opportunities as a result. From the very first time I spoke with Ashley, it was clear she’s one of the ones who ‘gets it’. She has the exact right attitude and approach to building networking relationships and her energy is infectious. I can’t think of a better person to have to watch your back and helping to take care of the details as you build your network.”

Chris Owens
Founder/CEO LincSphere

“Wow! Ashley Owens knows how to ASSIST! I have known Ashley for a couple of years, and from the very first meeting, she was incredibly outgoing, polite, friendly, and still very direct in getting to the point. She is goal oriented and relentless in her ability to connect people for the greater good. Ashley goes above and beyond in connecting referral partners, potential clients, and asking the right questions to make those introductions a perfect match. If you are considering an outside source like Ashley Assists,this is a no-brainer!”

Todd Hesbacher
Home Run Office Products

“Ashley has been an amazing business partner for me since our very first meeting. She has been excellent in referring several high-quality business opportunities to me which have been extremely beneficial for my career growth. In addition to that, Ashley is truly a fun and engaging person to work who brings excellent energy to all her professional interactions! I highly recommend working with Ashley.”

Colin Delaney

“When I first met Ashley at our co-working space, she was working for a previous employer of hers and came to our office to pass out her info with a confectionary arrangement. In the 6 months I had been in the coworking space, no one had done that! I remembered Ashley and the company she worked for so well and they were at the top of my mind the rest of the time my company was there. As soon I found out about Ashley Assists, I jumped on the opportunity because I knew Ashley leaves an impression. We have used her service for several projects already. Her service is so unique and fills a gap in the marketplace for growing businesses in need of 5 star assistance!

Ryan Pereus
Principal/Owner RPMC, Inc.

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