“My mission is to transform health care data into prescriptive strategies that help my customers offer competitive, cost-effective benefits while engaging employees to optimize their health.” -Tyler Zalucki

    Employee benefits carry a significant impact on the company revenue, and an employee’s daily determination to succeed. You want to ensure that your business’ financial and communication strategies intertwine so that your deployments are successful. Challenges in any field are inevitable, and when it comes to employee benefits, misinformation runs rather rampant. Businesses have been conditioned to believe that health care costs go up each year. Aside from marketing, business owners believe they have limited levers to pool. Finding the right professional to help you overcome the challenges, and provide you with consistent and clear communication about the total rewards package will have a profound impact on your employees’ morale, and eventually, your business.

    Tyler Zalucki is a passionate employee benefits consultant from Conshohocken, Pennsylvania. He loves helping people in times of struggle, knowing that there is nothing better than getting someone out of a bind in their time of need. He loves to positively shape the future of the organizations on the rise, and provide guidance to employers as they navigate the new norm in the workplace. He specializes in benefits design and financing programs. He optimizes employer-sponsored benefits programs to increase your EBITDA and provide a pathway to success for human resource teams. Tyler and his team have an underwriting department that can unbundle and analyze each medical renewal to ensure that an employer’s budget is operating at maximum efficiency. He provides verifiable, evidence-based articles to help create awareness and avoid misinformation regarding health care and benefits programs. His most effective method is using a company’s data to illustrate inefficiencies and opportunity.


    Tyler understands the uniqueness of culture in every business. It is as dynamic as the needs of your employees, colleagues, and their covered family members, which is why the employer-sponsored benefits program should be tailored by employee feedback. For Tyler, everyone’s voice matters. Not only is Tyler Zalucki a passionate financial professional, but he is also a fearless individual who is not afraid of challenges and conflicts. He believes that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. As you explore costs, plans, and options for your employee benefits, consult with Tyler today at tyler.zalucki@trion-mma.com.


    “Passion is an unmatched fuel. Add being happy to that and you have a wonderful formula for good health.” ― Gary Vaynerchuk