overcoming adversity and life's challenges with dr. jacalyn kerBeck

    In this episode, Ashley Owens interviews Loyalty & Engagement Strategist, Event Expert and Life Coach, Dr. Jacalyn Kerbeck as they discuss overcoming life’s challenges and how life coaching creates a big impact on people’s present well-being and future. She will also be sharing with us her Tactical Tips and Practical Takeaways in networking.


    Dr. Jacalyn of Dr. Jacalyn, LLC is a life coach whose expertise is dealing with busy professionals and executives who are challenged with stress, weight loss, anxiety, illnesses and the list goes on. As someone who suffered from Ulcerative Colitis, what people don’t know is behind all the positive attitude and smiles, what she went through in the past was no joke. She knows that there are other people who are suffering from the same issues so that pushed her to get to wherever she is today. She feels that she has helped people come out from the darkness and not be afraid to achieve their dreams just because they are hindered by health issues.


    What people should also understand is the difference between therapy and life coaching. Therapy focuses on people’s past and emotions. And normally the reason why it is difficult for them to move forward is because they’re still stuck from their past lives. While life coaching is dealing with the present day issue, that you want to have tactical steps to resolve and come up with an action plan.


    Growing up was tough for Dr. Jacalyn. Though her parents were amazing, she was taught how to be independent because she was told by her father that no one else is going to be there for her except herself, and that’s basically what she has been doing. She has been taking care of herself, she’s working hardcore and keeping herself busy for the past years while also creating a positive change in the society.

     Working with strategic partners also helped her career. Therapists, Psychologists or Psychiatrists talk to people who have mental or behavioral issues and what they do is know the person’s past and understand how it affected the present. She then comes in by helping them on where the patient wants to go, without giving out pieces of advice. The goal is to understand what it is that’s coming up that needs to be discussed and she helps them by dealing with that one issue. So basically, it’s taking one issue per session.

    Below are her tips and tactical takeaways in networking:

    1. Go to events and you’ll be shocked at how many people you’re going to meet.


     2. Find something that you’re interested in and that you’re going to be passionate about.

    3. When that passion comes through, people will like to get to know who you are and then you can start from there and do the work.


    The key is writing everything down. We’re not getting ourselves any credit for doing something if we don’t jot them down. Not that we need credit for every single thing but as a person, sometimes we feel like we’re not doing anything. So writing down and checking them off the list helps us feel that we’ve done a lot of stuff for the day and we’re looking forward for another batch to do the next day.

    “When you fail, you actually succeed if you learn from it.” This is my favorite. Understanding that we are only human and are allowed to commit mistakes and learn from those is actually a success. Forget about your ego and pride, accept that you have limitations. While you’re at it, think about other people and let them know that you care. Lastly, never give up on yourself and on them.

    If you need help with weight loss, career, relationships and stress, feel free to visit her website at https://drjacalyn.com/ or connect with her at 610-645-3113.

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